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Pennsic favorites! Paolo Garbanzo and Onca in DC this Thursday!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


9:00 doors 6:00

Price: $10.00

Re-united! The Accidental Circus:

* Richmond's own Paolo Garbanzo, Official Jester of England,
* Mab Just Mab, DC's Own Sideshow Girl, &
* The Mezmer Society of Asheville, NC.

With special guest, Coney Island's Burlesque Confection, Miss Cherry Delight!

Friday, April 23, 2009 @ 9:30 pm
Join The Accidental Circus for an evening of Darwinism in Action & Luscious Cabaret.

Defying both Death and Darwinism with knives, fire and extreme audience
participation, Paolo performs year-round for crowds all over the US and Europe. He
has been a member of the famous Flying Karamazov Brothers, been given a Lifetime
Achievement Award by the International Juggling Association, and is the first
American ever to win the titles Jester of England and Official Jester of Muncaster

The Mezmer Society demonstrates to the general public that, after a 60 year hiatus,
it is once more permissible to dance to an accordion. Artistic collaborators August
Hoerr and Onca O'Leary are hard-riding highwaymen of mayhem, spreading the Mezmer
gospel throughout the States. Zany bellydance antics, torchsongs, and sinister
accordionism are blended at high speed into a tall, cool, glass of delicious and
intoxicating performance. Great for geeks, goths, and anyone who wants extreme

Mab Just Mab is a one-woman sideshow extravaganza of Things Not To Do: walking on
glass, swallowing inappropriate objects, letting strangers tie her up and watch her
attempt escape. Warning: this wild-woman will literally say and do anything to
entertain you...

Collaborators since 2002, these world travelers are once again coming together for a
shared billing right here in Paolo's own hometown. This show promises danger,
humour, beauty and song all in the first act. Bring your loved ones to dazzle them.
Bring your enemies because, well, anything is possible when 5 knives are in the

With Special Guest!
The Coney Island Burlesque Confection:
Miss Cherry Delight!
"She might make you chubby, but she won't make you fat!"

The Mezmer Society: Luscious Cabaret & Balkan Ruckus

Mab Just Mab
Paolo Garbanzo

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